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Cold Presses

It is well known that cold gluing is the best solution for certain type of applications. The cold process grants in such a case a finished product having better characteristics than those which can be obtained by hot pressing.

Limit of cold applications are the long curing times; times that are much longer than those involved in the hot processes. This limit has been overcome by the new generation of glue working in cold; the glue manufacturers have developed glues able to cure in a very short time so reducing considerably the differences in curing time between hot and cold gluing. This new scenario has raised a growing interest in cold processes among end users.

Ormamacchine, both market and customer oriented, has increased considerably the offer of cold presses and so doing is certain to submit the best working opportunity to its customers. The today range of cold presses takes in the PFH, PFL and HL models, which are thoroughly explained in the following pages, and a series of special lines, differently automated, which are able to match the most demanding working needs.

This brochure, far from being exhaustive, shows the most important realization offered by our Company which, counting on the experience gained in thirty years of activity, puts itself at the customer service offering the ideal solution to their specific needs.

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