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Hydraulic Presses

Ormamacchine: 50 years with hydraulic presses

Ormamacchine Spa, founded towards the end of the sixties, has been dealing for more than 50 years with hydraulic presses mainly used in the woodworking field. A long journey that took it, step by step, at a leadership situation both in the national and international market. A production capacity of about 900 plants/year, 130 employees and 5 production units (all located in Italy), are the actual figures of the company, granting professionalism, competence and experience.

During the past 20 years Ormamacchine, always caring its main production sector, has diversified its range tackling with a remarkable success other fields such as the composite materials, the polyurethane panel production and the plastic products (solid surface materials). Quality control, innovation, customer care and competitive spirit make Orma the ideal partner for all companies regardless their dimensions, starting from the family ones up to the industrial groups.

- frame presses for doors and windows
- hot working presses for flat laminating
- cold working presses for flat laminating
- membrane presses to cover routered boards
- presses to produce edge-glued panels
- glue spreading machines
- presses to produce face-glued panels and/or structural beams
- embossing presses
- solid wood/plywood bending presses
- Short-Cycle Lamination line for melamine papers
- press line for plywood panels production
- Discontinuous through feed lines to produce PU panels
- Column Hydraulic Presses