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Face glueing presses

Taking into account the increasing request for face glued wood either for frames and for beams used in the building field, Ormamacchine, paying attention to its customers’ needs, has decided to improve the range of machines to be able to offer the most suitable product. Consequently, we are in the position to meet any requirement from different type of end-users concerning productive capacity and automation of the productive process as well as the corresponding financial investment.

Our Company offers several solutions starting from the simpliest machine (i.e. cold frame press model SP/L - available with different lengths up to 20 mt) to the most sofisticated ones (i.e. hot lines model LS/L and LS/L/R equipped with lower movable platen and upper movable platen respectively). These presses, already provided with loading unit plus pusher and unloading device, might be personalized by a wide range of accessories according to the customers’ needs.

Furthermore, our presses might be completed with automatic loading system, glue spreading group and lamellar beam composition device.

wood face glueing presses