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Frame presses

Frame press for any operations From the experience achieved anufacturing Frame Presses with a ingle pushing beam, it came out the FUTURA” Frame Press with new orking features and a structure tested o work with strong thrusts.

He single vertical thrusting beam is ctivated by two hydraulic pistons to venly distribute the pressure on the whole frame. The single check beam for the vertical thrust is quickly positioned by a lever at 3 different heights to get the most suitable working position for the operator. Two hydraulic pistons operate the right side pushing squares. The left side squares of counter-beat are quickly positioned by an eccentric and by fix pins on half length of the beams.

The working measure search and the assembling cycle are atuomatically carried out by an electrical pulse given by push botton or foot pedal. The pressing phase is adjustable through the special timer. As a standard fitting, this frame press has the adjusting of different pressure on the vertical pistons (by pressure gauge) and the side pistons ( by valve). Upon request, the machine can be equipped with following accessories: – Equipment for fix pitch grates for uprights from 40 to 100mm. Such equipment is never demounted butcon it can be adjusted (automatically and pneumatically) in such a way as not to affect normal working.
– Mechanical or pneumatic equipment for frame preassembling.

wood frame presses