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Presses a chaud

Ormamacchine / NPC DIGIT 25/18

Press NPC/DIGIT 25/18 AF-BO
n.6 pressing cylinders Diam.=140 stroke=400
Solid drilled steel platens dimension 2500x1800mm
n.2 Solid drilled steel intermediate platens dim. 2500x1800mm
mylar covered platens
Max. total thrust 300 ton.
Control board in case
electric boiler for thermal oil heating 60 kw
possibility to partally use the boiler
Timer opening
Keyboard with display
Emergency rope


Presses a froid

Ormamacchine / P25/2

Cold press Ormamacchine type P 25/2
Platens dimension 2500 x 1300 mm
N.2 pressing pistons diameter 65 mm
Stroke of pistons and platen opening 500 mm
Max pressure 10 tons
CE rules
Voltage 400/3/50

7560 €


Presses a cintrer

Ormamacchine / Pressa PFS 15/07

1 Available machine
Platen dimension 1500 x 700 mm
N. 2 pressing pistons diam. 85 mm stroke 450 mm
Max. total thrust 40 t
Opening between platens: 800 mm
Lower mobile platen (upstroke design)
Suitable for HF
Overall dimension 2100x1150xh2250 mm
Approx. weight Kg 1500
(Indicative picture)



Ormamacchine / DE NEW 30/17

Useful working dimensions 3000x1700 mm
2 vert. cilynders ø 50/28 mm, stroke 150 mm
total thrust 2.5 tons
2 horiz. cilynders ø 50/28 mm, stroke 150 mm
total thrust 0.62 tons





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