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Ormamacchine / P25/2

Cold press Ormamacchine type P 25/2
Platens dimension 2500 x 1300 mm
N.2 pressing pistons diameter 65 mm
Stroke of pistons and platen opening 500 mm
Max pressure 10 tons
CE rules
Voltage 400/3/50

7560 €


Prensas para curvar

Ormamacchine / Pressa PFS 15/07

1 Available machine
Platen dimension 1500 x 700 mm
N. 2 pressing pistons diam. 85 mm stroke 450 mm
Max. total thrust 40 t
Opening between platens: 800 mm
Lower mobile platen (upstroke design)
Suitable for HF
Overall dimension 2100x1150xh2250 mm
Approx. weight Kg 1500
(Indicative picture)


Bancos de armar

Ormamacchine / DE NEW 30/17

Dimensioni utili di lavoro 3000x1700 mm
3 cilindri vert. diam. 50/28, corsa 150 mm pressione totale 2,5 ton
2 cilindri orizz. diam.50/28, corsa 150 mm pressione totale 0,62 ton
Disponibili n. 2 macchine


Solid Surface

Ormamacchine / DUPLEX 30/13

Useful working dimensions 3000x1300 mm
Inner chamber temperature 200° c
Vacuum pump 25m3/h
Sublimation kit
Heating Kiln + Forming Press

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