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Ormamacchine / NPC/A 37/17

Loading belt 3700x1700 mm
Multi-daylight loading belt
Press NPC/A 37/17 AF-BO
No. 6 solid drilled steel platens - dimension: 3700x1700
NO 6 pressing cylinders – diam. 70 mmm stroke 1100 mm
Max. total thrust: 80 Tons
Specific pressure over 100% of the platen surface: 1,3 Kg/cm2
Loading side: 3700 mm
5 working daylights - 200 mm opening each
Mylar belt in press
Loading belt speed driven by electronic inverter
Platens equipped with blowing system
Heating system: electric heater for oil (120 kW)
Multi-daylight powered unlading conveyor (Roller) 3700x1700 mm
Powered roller unloading conveyor 3700x1700 mm
Layout: https://goo.gl/mAjPSA



Ormamacchine / NPC

Hot press
Working dimensions 3000 x 1300 mm
6 cylinders with 70 mm diameter, stroke 400mm
Total thrust 90 tons
Solid drilled steel platens
New electric boiler for thermal oil heating
Press not yet overhauled
Price considering complete overhauling and new painting
Machine according CE Standards
Voltage 400 V/3 ph/50 Hz

Net Price

14.000 €


Ormamacchine / NPC 10/200

Hot hydraulic press type NPC 10/200 (Second hand)
Platen dimension: 3200x1500 mm
Upper and lower platens type: SOLID DRILLED STEEL
Solid drilled steel intermediate platens: 3 (4 openings)
10 cylinders diam. 120 mm
Stroke/opening: 400 mm
Max thrust: 200 Ton
Overall dimension: 4000x1800x2300 mm
Weight: 14.000 Kg
Machine newly painted and overhaled according to CE norms


35.500 €

Electric heater for thermal oil complete of pump
pipe and control board


4.500 €





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