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Prensas platos calientes

Ormamacchine / NPC/A 37/17

Loading belt 3700x1700 mm
Multi-daylight loading belt
Press NPC/A 37/17 AF-BO
No. 6 solid drilled steel platens - dimension: 3700x1700
NO 6 pressing cylinders – diam. 70 mmm stroke 1100 mm
Max. total thrust: 80 Tons
Specific pressure over 100% of the platen surface: 1,3 Kg/cm2
Loading side: 3700 mm
5 working daylights - 200 mm opening each
Mylar belt in press
Loading belt speed driven by electronic inverter
Platens equipped with blowing system
Heating system: electric heater for oil (120 kW)
Multi-daylight powered unlading conveyor (Roller) 3700x1700 mm
Powered roller unloading conveyor 3700x1700 mm
Layout: https://goo.gl/mAjPSA



Ormamacchine / NPC 10/200

Hot hydraulic press type NPC 10/200 (Second hand)
Platen dimension: 3200x1500 mm
Upper and lower platens type: SOLID DRILLED STEEL
Solid drilled steel intermediate platens: 3 (4 openings)
10 cylinders diam. 120 mm
Stroke/opening: 400 mm
Max thrust: 200 Ton
Overall dimension: 4000x1800x2300 mm
Weight: 14.000 Kg
Machine newly painted and overhaled according to CE norms


35.500 €

Electric heater for thermal oil complete of pump
pipe and control board


4.500 €





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