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Ormamacchine / LS/L/R 30/13

No. 1 hot press Ormamacchine for glue laminated timber production
Model LS/L/R 30/13 SP 150 mm
Composed of:
A – loader with pusher
B – hydraulic press
Press platen dimension 3000x1300 mm
Pressing cylinders N° 6 Ø 70 mm stroke 200 mm
Max. total thrust (Vertical) 70 t
UPPER movable platen (Downstroke design)
Upper platen moving pistons N° 2 Ø 65/45 mm stroke 200 mm
Side pressing system, on 3000 mm side
Side pistons: N° 6 Ø 90/45 mm stroke 200 mm
Max side thrust 45 T
Max specific pressure on 3000x150 mm elements
C- Free roller outfeed conveyor

Version is refurbished and newly painted with Fabricated steel platens and electric heater for oil

Price list 2023

€ 97.500,00

Version is refurbished and newly painted suitable for elecrtic heater for oil


Pdf Layout

Price list 2023

€ 82.000,00 (HF not included)





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