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Prensas de poliuretano

Ormamacchine / PXE/NPC 45/15

Press PXE/NPC 45/15 AF-BA
Solid drilled steel platens dimension 4500x1500 mm
n.10 pressing cylinders diam. 70 stroke 650 mm
Max. total thrust 130 t
Upstroke design (lower movable platen)
Loading side 4500 mm
n.3 Solid drilled steel intermediate platens dim. 4500x1500 mm
n.4 working daylights 160 mm each
Idle rollers on both 1500 mm sides in each daylight
Idle rollers on one 4500 mm side in each daylight
Timer opening
Platen parallelism control
Electric exclusion of 3 set of pistons
Keyboard with display
Double remote switch control
Heating system: electric heater for water 30 kW
Temperature display for each daylight
Emergency rope
Production year 2008
CE Rules CE
V. 400/3/50
Reconditioned and painted


40.580,00 €


Ormamacchine / PXE 95/15

Discontinuous Pressing plant for PUF panel production
Type PXE 95/15 AF-NPA 2+2
Solid drilled steel platens dimension: 9500x1500 mm
12 pressing cylinders diam. 70 mm stroke 400 mm
Max. total thrust: 160 Ton
Upstroke design (lower movable platen)
Loading on both 1500 mm side
Opening between platens 160 mm + 160 mm
2 loading daylights
Translating and alternated platen loading system (2+2)
Heating plant and insulation: excluded



Prensas platos calientes

Ormamacchine / NPC 10/200

Hot hydraulic press type NPC 10/200 (Second hand)
Platen dimension: 3200x1500 mm
Upper and lower platens type: SOLID DRILLED STEEL
Solid drilled steel intermediate platens: 3 (4 openings, 80 mm each)
10 cylinders diam. 120 mm
Stroke/opening: 400 mm
Max thrust: 200 Ton
Overall dimension: 4000x1800x2300 mm
Weight: 14.000 Kg
Machine newly painted and overhaled according to CE norms


35.500 €

Electric heater for thermal oil complete of pump
pipe and control board


4.500 €


Linea de prensado

Colombo / LCC 44/14

Thorugh feed autonatic pressing line composed as follows
LOADING BELT: dimension 1400x4600 mm (distance between roller)
TYPE: LCC 44/14 (Manufacturer: Colombo)
Press platen dimension: 4400x1400 mm
Max. total thrust: 370 Tons
Max. Specific pressure on 100% of the platen surface: 6 Kg/cm2
Pressing cylinders: 10 – Diam. 120 mm – Stroke 150 mm
Upper movable platen (down-stroke design)
Upper platen raising cylinders: 2 - stroke 150 mm
Loading side: 1400 mm
Opening between platens: 150 mm
SOLID DRILLED STEEL heating platens
Blowing system on the lower platen
Exclusion of one couple of cylinders
Belt dimension 1400x4600 mm (distance between rollers


85.000,00 €

The pressing line is refurbished and newly painted
The loading belt, the belt in press and the stacker belt are NEW
HEATING SYSTEM: 45 kW Electric heater for water. Max. temperature: 80°C


6.800,00 €

AS ALTERNATIVE HEATING SYSTEM: 60 kW Electric heater for thermal oil
Max. temperature: 120°C


9.800,00 €





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