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Company Mission

Torre Boldone, 03/04/2023


The Mission of Ormamacchine is made explicit and expresses itself thanks to the comprehensive view of the founding principles, the reason for existence of the company organization, which are listed below:

People: to manage, to maintain and to improve all those conditions aimed at creating the ideal workplace, which should be stimulus and inspiration for all stakeholders and collaborators involved in every internal and external area of the company to constantly do their best.

Strategy: continuous evaluation of the company's intrinsic and extrinsic skills and resources by examining and evaluating the key factors that will produce a beneficial competitive advantage for the organization over the direct competitors in the reference sector.

Customers: to offer high quality product ranges, placed ahead of the market to meet customer needs with constant research and modern development of outputs.

Partners: to promote a preferential and winning network of customers and suppliers to create in mutual synergy a reciprocal and lasting value, supporting the win-win system at all levels.

Productivity: an effective and efficient, nimble, flexible and dynamic organization thanks to the application of the principles of conduct that guide the company, based on respect for all team members and on professional competence and seriousness.

Profit: to maximize the long-term return to satisfy the remuneration of the investments in a virtuous circle, for the benefit of the entire organization, in the awareness of the corporate and social responsibilities involved.