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Bending presses

As part of its product range ORMAMACCHINE, includes the PFS series for both solid wood and multi-ply wood bending. The system used for the wood bending is the one composed by the press and the RF generator, which is based on the use of high frequency alternating electrical currents. Compared to other systems, this one has several advantages such as: the higher productivity, better quality of the finished product and the low energy consumption.

According to the type of process and to the capacity required by the customer - the number of pieces / day and bending of plywood or solid wood, ORMAMACCHINE is able to provide only the press and the high-frequency generator (plywood) or complete plant consisting of: - Tanks for humidification of the pieces - boiler for steam production, - pre-bending press, - Bending press - Generator. The experience acquired in more than fifty years of history, the accurate service before and after sales, the quality of the components used in the construction of the machines, the cutting-edge technologies used in their construction and the design expertise are the pillars on which we base our relationship with customers.

wood bending presses

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